Memoristic Productions is a woman-owned small business specializing in creating personalized instant photo magnets onsite and on demand for any occasion big or small. Our professional photography team will capture priceless photos of you and your guests having fun at your event and within minutes we’ll turn them into photo magnets with your pre-chosen personalized frame. Your guests are then free to take the photo magnets home, stick ‘em on their fridge, share with friends, and brag about how awesome they looked at your party. Through our services: Magnet Photographer, Open Air Photo Booth Magnet, and Hashtag Magnet, we aim to provide the ultimate branding opportunity for organizations and the perfect keepsake for individuals - creating happiness that sticks.

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What Are Instant Photo Magnets?

Photos taken of you and your guests throughout the event which are then transformed into high quality magnets onsite with your personalized frame and distributed to your guests to take home as a one of a kind party souvenir.

Our Story

Inspired by the extensive positive reaction from the photo magnets given at her brother’s wedding across the sea, the founder created Memoristic Productions to bring the concept to the States. Here at Memoristic we want your guests to always remember your event by freezing the moment into memories they can picture different and by creating a keepsake that they will be proud to exhibit in their homes and workplaces. Our mission is to create happiness that sticks.