9 Reasons You will Fall in Love with Memoristic Magnet Photographer

Hiring a magnet photographer is a fun and memorable addition to any event as well as a great way to bring people together in the spirit of the celebration.

Here are 9 reasons why you should consider hiring a Memoristic magnet photographer 👉 for you next event 👉

1. The wow effect: cool, chic, and instant. The event photo magnets are displayed for your guests to take home as keepsakes within minutes of capturing their photos professionally. Be warned, your guests will start chasing the roaming magnet photographer once they realize they will be receiving a photo magnet of themselves looking like a million dollars (I know what you are thinking…why only a million…)

2. Event photo magnets are for everyone: event magnets are a huge hit among all ages: the youngsters, the adults, and the young at heart. Grandma and grandpa are sitting at the table – no worries our roaming magnet photographer will roam to them.

3. Keep your guests together! Do you really want to give your guests a reason to leave the dance floor? Why shift the attention to a photo booth away from the event spotlight? Instead, a Memoristic roaming magnet photographer will capture candid moments while your guests are having fun skipping the photo booth long lines all together.

4. Event Magnets are for…: while we can’t say forever since our lawyers are going to be mad at us, the event magnets are made to last for years to come. Memoristic uses strong magnetic backing (made in USA) and state-of-the-art dye sublimation thermal printing. No ink is involved in the printing process and all pictures have a laminated protective overlay…yes they are even UV protected! (Perfectionism alert)

5. Stick’em on the fridge: or on any magnetic surface. Unlike a photo or a video, you can hang it…right away.

6. Conversation piece: take a walk down memory lane on a daily basis, and create an interesting conversation piece in the heart of your home. There is no greater feeling than looking at an event photo magnet of yourself looking like a million bucks while digging into Haggen Dazs ice cream bucket 😜

7. Anyone said a pro? Yes, a magnet photographer is a professional photographer taking pictures in a specific composition. Don’t you want another set of professional photos for free?

8. Affordable: an interactive event entertainment service that is also a keepsake. A win-win situation.

9. Your event, your design: personalize your magnet frame with your logo, theme, colors and text. Every event is unique and so your event magnet frame will be. Our in house magnet designers are here to help you bring your vision to life.

An example frame for a wedding event and capturing candid photos

An example frame for a wedding event and capturing candid photos

Memoristic Productions is a woman-owned magnetic event experience company specializing in creating personalized instant event photo magnets onsite for any occasion big or small. Through our services: roaming magnet photography, photo booth magnet photography, or a combination, we provide the ultimate branding opportunity for organizations and the perfect keepsake for individuals - simply creating happiness that sticks. For bookings contact us at info@memoristic.com or at 347-699-0632