How to Choose A Magnet Photographer?

Magnet photography is the best photo booth alternative in 2019 currently taking the USA event industry by storm.

A magnet photographer will turn your event photos into high quality event magnets on the spot which then your guests will happily take and place in their homes. What makes event photo magnets unique is that they live on the fridge (or any other metallic surface) not on the computer. With event photo magnets, your event memories and special moments will not be printed only to be lost or thrown away, nor will they be digitally stored away on smartphones or float around somewhere in cyberspace (i.e. social media).

Memoristic Roaming Magnet Photographer in Action

Memoristic Roaming Magnet Photographer in Action

Here is Everything You Need to Know When Hiring a Magnet Photographer

How many team members will be present onsite?

There should be at least two people onsite: one professional magnet photographer, and one magnet engineer. Many companies who are looking to cut costs and corners will send one person who will function as the magnet photographer and as the magnet engineer at the same time. This will hurt the quality and quantity of your event photo magnets since the person can’t possibly be in two places at the same time and ultimately will have to miss crucial moments (unless we start debating quantum physics or watching the most amazing scene of “A Walk To Remember”). Moreover, what if the photographer runs into technical difficulties – with the computer, software, printer, trimmer, one person can't take pictures and troubleshoot the magnets creation at the same time.

Who is the magnet photographer?

A magnet photographer should be a professional photographer as he/she captures a very specific composition, prints, and distributes the photo magnets on the spot. Since printing is done onsite post editing is extremely limited.

Ask - is the company providing you with a professional photographer or a newbie who picked up a camera few months ago? Did the team work together before? Professional photographer should know how to take sharp, clear photos with a good composition under complex lighting situations as well as understand flash photography. We all know the feeling of looking at an amazing picture of grandma wanting to enlarge it to exhibit at our homes but then realizing the image is to blurry or the resolution is too low to do so.

Remember - the most advanced equipment in the world won’t help you if the photographer is not skilled. A blurry photo can’t magically become a sharp photo!

The original picture prior to overlaying the event frame - upper body composition

The original picture prior to overlaying the event frame - upper body composition

What type of equipment do they use to produce the event photo magnets?

DSLR VS Point and Shoot Camera

Generally, DSLR cameras will result in higher photo quality and have interchangeable lenses, whereas point and shoot camera quality might not be sufficient. The lens are just as important as the camera. With DSLR camera you are not stuck with the kit lens especially at low light situations where the ability to open the aperture can be critical to allow for more light in. Trust but verify - ask to see a high resolution image from a previous event.

Ink Jet VS Dye Sublimation Printer          

Is the magnet photography company using Ink Jet printer or Dye Sublimation printer to produce the event magnets? While at first look the quality of the event magnets might seem similar to the naked eye, the quality is vastly different especially the photo magnet durability over time and production time. Ink Jet printers often take as much as twice the time to print which inevitably result in less event magnets because the company can’t physically print as many photos under the same time frame.

For the techie geeks among you 🤓 (okay I admit myself included)…

Dye Sub printers use heat to transfer dye onto a laminated paper. The print emerges from the printer completely dry and is water and UV resistant providing high protection from discoloration. In contrast, Ink Jet printers spray ink onto the paper which can easily be smudged from fingerprints. Overtime, the colors will fade as a direct result interaction with UV light and the air even when laminated. It is your event, brand, and name on the magnet frame (oxford comma anyone?:) – do you want the colors to look faded after a while?

Backup, backup, backup!

Backup is key after all we are talking about mechanical equipment that can break down such as laptop, camera, memory cards, extension cords etc. Having a backup camera should be No. 1 on the backup list.

Full Time vs Sometimes

Does the company specializes in magnet photography? Or is it a side business for them? Creating event photo magnets onsite has many moving parts and requires a certain level of expertise and know how.

Magnet Frame

Will they create a brand new magnet frame design specifically for your event? The event magnet frame can be clean and simple or packed with colors, patterns, and graphics - it is all about your vision and bringing it to life.

This is what comes out in print: original picture + pre-chosen magnet event frame = photo magnet keepsake.

This is what comes out in print: original picture + pre-chosen magnet event frame = photo magnet keepsake.

Do they carry liability insurance?

Many venues won’t let vendors work onsite without a certain level of insurance. Ask your vendor for a proof of insurance. Moreover, having insurance indicates certain level of professionalism. A company that is in it for the short term won’t see obtaining insurance as a necessary step.

The Human Factor

Do you like the team? Do you think they will be able to mingle and engage well with your guests? 💃🕺👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Do you have special requirements for your event? Do you need the photographer to communicate in a specific language? Etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg about magnet photography – leave a comment if you want us to write more. Know someone who is planning an event and looking for a unique idea? Share this article with them.

Event guests proudly showcasing their free photo magnets

Event guests proudly showcasing their free photo magnets

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