Corporate Events + Magnet Photographer + Your Branding = Sticky Advertising

Whether you are planning a gala, holiday party, product launch, conference, festival, brand activation at an expo, or in-store promotion, there are countless reasons to hire a magnet photographer for your next event as an alternative to a photo booth.

Everyone knows that event photo magnets are fun and instant hit with guests of all ages, but did you ever think about the far reaching branding and marketing aspect? Or what we call the power of the magnet.

Think about all the photo booths you participated in? did you keep all the prints? Where are they now? 🗑

What about all the USBs, stress balls, or koozies that you received? Are you using them on a daily basis? A monthly basis?🗄

Wait let’s not forget social media? Are you waking up every morning looking on the post you were tagged in? or is it floating around somewhere in cyberspace? (i.e. social media) 🔎

Happily there is a brilliant and fun solution and that’s where Memoristic Magnet Photographer comes in!

Memoristic magnet photographer, a real professional photographer, will capture photos of you and your guests having fun at your event, print the photos onsite, and turn them into high quality photo magnets with your company branding for your guests to take home as unique keepsakes. The next day, you and your guests will never pass the fridge without having a huge smile on your face.

The original picture captured by Memoristic roaming magnet photographer

The original picture captured by Memoristic roaming magnet photographer

Are these your objectives?

👍 I want my guests to have fun and be engaged at my event.

👍 I want to create a unique experience for my guests and a conversation trigger.

👍 I want to give my guests a personalized branded keepsake they will actually keep.

👍 I want the guests to remember my event long after it ended and be a constant reminder for future events.

👍 I want my guests to absorb my business message without being pushy of feeling like they are being sold to.

If you answer YES to any of the above statements then you should consider hiring a Memoristic magnet photographer for your next corporate event. After all, who doesn’t want a high quality photo magnet of themselves looking pretty and important?

What’s your event frame?

What’s your event frame?

Your logo on their fridge happily and voluntarily. 👈 This is how you make your event and brand stick!

Memoristic Productions is a woman-owned event photography company specializing in creating personalized instant event photo magnets onsite and on demand for any occasion big or small. Through our services: roaming magnet photographer, stationary photo booth magnet photographer, or combination, we provide the ultimate branding opportunity for organizations and the perfect keepsake for individuals - creating happiness that sticks. For bookings and information contact us at or at 347-699-0632