Wedding + Magnet Photographer = Happiness that Sticks

Magnet photography is the best alternative to photo booths currently available in the market taking the wedding industry by storm. Why shift the attention away from the dance floor and from the bride and groom with long lines at photo booths when you can capture candid photos and turn them into personalized magnet gifts on the spot.

Why Magnet Photography is the ultimate alternative to a Wedding Photo Booth?

The bride and groom entering the venue.

The bride and groom entering the venue.

What normally happens after a wedding is:

❤️0-1   Months: The newlywed couple and the wedding guests share pics and videos on social media

❤️1-6   months: The bride and groom show the photo book to their close circle of family and friends

❤️1 year anniversary – the couple looks back on the photos and videos reminiscing

But what about your guests? What are they doing? They are attending other events.

The truth is people will probably not remember the food other than good or bad, same with decoration pretty or not…, and you…will only wear your dress once.

You spend months if not years planning your wedding. How do you make sure people remember it?

That’s where Memoristic magnet photographer comes in!

The wedding is in full swing…💃🕺

The wedding is in full swing…💃🕺

With wedding photo magnets your event memories will not be printed on paper in small size 🔦 only to be lost or thrown away 🗑, nor will they be digitally stored away on smartphones or float around somewhere in cyberspace (i.e. social media 👀). Memoristic magnet photographer will turn your event photos into high quality photo magnets on the spot which then your guests will take home and happily place on their fridge (or any other magnetic surface for that matter). The process is completely stress free. In fact, it is the magnet photographer that needs to watch out because when people realize they are getting photo magnets for free they are starting to chase…(being an athlete is not a requirement to be on our team, though it is often the case.)📸

A question that keeps presenting itself is “I already have a wedding photographer. Do I really need a magnet photographer as well?” The answer is yes! The stills photographer is mostly focused on the couple while the magnet photographer is focused on the guests. The photo composition being captured is different, and the purpose of the service is different: keepsake and fun vs. documentation (after all, your guests won’t put your stills photos on their wall…except for grandma of course)

Imagine waking up the day after your wedding and your guests are sending you pictures of their fridge covered with photo magnets of your special day? How would that make you feel?

That’s why we call it happiness that sticks💖💖💖

Bride and her excited wedding guests picking up their photo magnets from Memoristic board

Bride and her excited wedding guests picking up their photo magnets from Memoristic board

Memoristic Productions is a woman-owned magnet photography company specializing in creating personalized instant event photo magnets onsite and on demand for any occasion big or small. Through our services: roaming magnet photographer, stationary magnet photographer, or combination, we provide the ultimate branding opportunity for organizations and the perfect keepsake. For bookings contact us at or at 347-699-0632