How Does Magnet Photography Work?

Our professional photography team will capture priceless photos of you and your guests at your event, and within minutes, we’ll turn them into photo magnets with your pre-chosen personalized frame.

Your guests are then free to take the photo magnets home, stick ‘em on their fridge, share with friends, and brag about how awesome they looked at your party.

Follow the Steps

Step 1: Personalized Photo Frame Design
Memoristic Productions Frame Example Website.png
Step 2: Magnet Photographer Roams and Captures Candid Photos
Memoristic Productions Magnet Photographer Basketball.jpg

Magnet Photographer

Our expert photographer roams and captures real-time moments of you and your guests having fun at your event.

Step 3: Creating the Photo Magnets Behind the Scenes
Memoristic Productions Cutting instant photo magnets.JPG

Our onsite production team instantly transfers the images onto magnets using a lab quality photo printer and cut them to the right size.

Step 4: Guests Pick Up Their Photo Magnet Souvenirs
Memoristic Productions Picking up photo magnets.JPG

Within minutes, we display the magnets on our magnetic whiteboard for your guests to take home as a free keepsake.

Step 5: Show Off Your Photo Magnets
I love photo magnets purple.jpg
Step 6: Stick 'Em on the Fridge

Guests stick your event photo magnets on their fridge (or any metallic surface). It's like your event never ended...